3 years The average length of time a + guy does not know he has HIV.stay healthy with condoms + regular tests


Even if you’re confident about your own HIV status and the guys you hook up with, it’s in your own
interests to know for sure. Keeping up-to-date about your HIV status through regular HIV testing is
good for your sex life.

Be proactive about discussing HIV. Being able to talk about HIV and sex with guys you meet means
knowing your HIV status. And knowing your status means having regular tests.
HIV testing has also become quicker and easier.

Some clinics now offer rapid HIV testing, which means you can get a result within about
20 minutes. Also, some clinics also provide a convenient express service for people who test frequently, which means a shorter consultation time. You can also make an appointment online.

In some cases clinics and GPs now provide results by phone or SMS to regular clients so you don’t
need to make another appointment.

Make testing something you do at least once a year. Or have a six-monthly check-up like at the dentist.